In 2015, we decided to refresh our design to be more open and friendly to our customers. To this end, we engaged Swofinty Interior Designer.

In Finty's own words: "Our interpretation of taking the traditional street food experience to another level is the concept of a “Street Feast”. This is juxtaposed between contemporary and traditional forms without moving away from the basic day-to-day dining experience and adding multi-faceted perspectives of the anticipation and experience and re-living distant memories all over again.

With I LOVE YOO!, the Chef and kitchen is our focus, defined as the ‘NODE’, the design emphasizes this ‘NODE’ by creating a feature wooden showcase, food presentation and the process of dough making. Following the open kitchen concept, this coexists with the seating area for a total dining experience. Galvanized steel fascia appears vintage yet modern, a robust choice of a throwback material, muted stone/plaster textures and hardwood surfaces, and utilitarian objects such as the spider strainer further enhances a modern but yet traditional kitchen. The menu board design strategy is to arrange it in a spine format, with spontaneous content for ease of selection.

Whilst the dining and kitchen spaces are one, the concept flows throughout the store with highlighted layering of features, from mural walls in artistic back-street-lane images that pay homage to the brand’s heritage, as well as elements such as refined distressed furniture, rust frames and surfaces to represent the burnt charcoal used for cooking to clay for the stove, smoked washed wooden spindle, paint over window grille flat-bar steel and a customized warm-shade of ambience and focused lighting relives nostalgia from the past. Floor space is equally important, selected zones with embedded mixtures of broken pieces of vintage ceramic tiles creates an interesting transition of complex texture to complete the interior.”

Our Franchise Terms​

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much is the franchisee fee?

The franchise fee is RM40,000 for the initial first term of 5 years and RM20,000 for the second term of 5 years.

How much is the monthly royalty fee and Advertising & Promotion fee?

The monthly royalty fee is 4% and A&P is 1% both.

How much does it cost to setup an I LOVE YOO! store?

The cost of setup depends on the size of the​​ store, the design, the contractor and the individual mall’s requirement.

How do I Love Yoo! assist me when opening a new outlet?

We will send our staff to provide on-site support during opening.

What are the services a new franchisee receives from I LOVE YOO! before outlet opening?

Advice on location selection.

Assistance and advice on the renovation including that of contractors, equipment, fittings, fixture, furniture, cutleries, crockery, utensils etc. according to the I LOVE YOO! concept.

Intensive training for the franchisee and appointed staff on the necessary skills and expertise to run an I LOVE YOO! store.

On-going support from I LOVE YOO! team.

Will I LOVE YOO! continue to support the franchisee?

Our product quality is of the utmost importance to us. We will send our Quality Control teams to monitor and update store performance from time-to-time to ensure quality of product and services remains at a high level. Technical and advisory support services is available at any time.

Is there on-site during ​​store opening?

Yes, we will send our experienced task force to assist in the opening of all stores.

Will I LOVE YOO! assist with store location selection?

You can propose your own location or you may choose from our current list of available potential locations and we will assist you from there.

What is the minimum store size?

Our concept requires approximately 220 sq ft for the kitchen, and a total store size of between 350 sq ft to 750 sq ft (inclusive of the kitchen).


We have our appointed designers that are available for consultation and design or you can appoint your own designer provided they follow our Concept and Design Guidelines Manual.


You may appoint your own contractor, or we can recommend one to you.

Franchise Enquiry

Why not feel free to drop and have a snack with us to discuss franchise opportunities.